Book Content

The Table of Contents for the two books can be found below. In the right sidebar you will find links to a preview of each book, which is more detailed. Should you require additional information, use the contact form in the right sidebar.

Children’s Workbook

Chapter 1 – Beginning the Journey

Chapter 2 – What Does Loss Mean?

Chapter 3 – Facts About Losses

Chapter 4 – What Does Grieve Mean?

Chapter 5 – Recognizing Feelings

Chapter 6 – Expressing Feelings

Chapter 7 – Forgiving Others

Chapter 8 – Asking Others to Forgive You

Chapter 9 – Accepting Losses

Chapter 10 – Last Stop on the Journey

“Suggestions for Using the Childrens Workbook” (PDF)
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Adult’s Reference Guide

Chapter 1 – Supporting a Grieving Child

Chapter 2 – Understanding Feelings

Chapter 3 – Recognizing Perception

Chapter 4 – Building Self-Esteem

Chapter 5 – Answering Questions About Specific Losses