We lost our son, Dustin, at the age of 11 in an accident. Our two daughters, Lindsay and Haley, were left trying to make sense of a shattered home where life would never be the same. They experienced times at school, church, and with friends where they were just not understood and many times felt their pain went unheard.

This book is a life-saver for parents, grandparents, children’s pastors, and teachers to have some understanding of how to help a child who has experienced loss. I believe this will be a valuable tool that will aid in the healing of many children who wake up one day and find their lives turned upside down by the loss of a loved one.

If you want to truly minister to the children who are hurting with grief, then you will definitely want to keep this workbook at your fingertips. As parents who have walked this path, this book is like bread and water to us as we try to help our children.

Reverend Dan and Mrs. Darla Brack
Children’s Church Pastors, Community Church
Orange, Texas


Children suffer various losses during their childhood with little or no knowledge of how to cope with those losses. As children grieve differently than adults, the normal grieving responses may not be recognized; consequently, children are often left to deal with their grief alone. I am pleased to recommend this resource as an easy-to-use guide for those parents, grandparents, children’s church leaders, or others who desire to help, but who may have felt powerless or unsure as to how to do so.

Virginia G. Johnson, Licensed Professional Counselor
Credentials: LBSW, LCDC, M.Ed. LPC


Martha has done an excellent job taking the most common steps in dealing with a loss and putting them in a very teachable format for children. As I read the manual, I knew it would be a great tool for anyone working with children.

As a children’s pastor for several decades, I plan on applying these principles to help children work through losses in their lives. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a mentor, or a counselor, you will truly be blessed by knowing and sharing these principles.
Rev. Lisa Ellermann
Founder of:

Camp His Way Children Camp, Jasper, Texas
Camp His Way Children Camp, Chennai, India