Why This Book?

Having taught adult classes at my church for many years on “The Grieving Process,” I saw firsthand how many women and men came to the realization that some of their own childhood hurts had not been resolved and healed. I began to see the importance of building a foundation for children at an early stage in life in order to help them cope with losses.

My vision for children was confirmed to me the night that Dan Brack, children’s church pastor at Community Church, Orange, Texas, approached me with a cry for help for the children to whom he ministers. His words to me were: “Can you help me? I’ve got some hurting children in my services.”

And with that, I began my own three-year research journey to see what I could do about helping Dan initiate a program at our church for helping children cope with losses. I came across a book, entitled Recovering from Losses in Life, by H. Norman Wright. One simple sentence in that book set the wheels of my passion for helping hurting children on fire. Mr. Wright states:

“Probably the #1 reason children are overlooked during times of loss is because the primary adult in the child’s life just simply doesn’t know “how to help the child.”

And so it was, with encouragement from my daughter, Heather, my vision for children expanded beyond the walls of my local church. I became determined to make available a guide to put in the hands of parents, grandparents, children’s ministers, school officials, lay counselors, and any caring adult a hands-on-tool to help children work through the emotional scars of losses.

Thus, Helping Hurting Children: A Journey of Healing was birthed.